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Why you should stop studying Japanese particles in order to speak Japanese.?

Thank you for reading my blog and this is the blog that 
is sharing my experience of learning to speak as soon as possible,
and the method to start speaking nicely Japanese.
This is NOT a typical educational way of learning,
this is the method for the person who wants to be able to speak
as soon as possible because those who can’t wait for 20 years.
because just like me I’m an adult who is 35 years old 
I can’t wait for 20 years!!!
Why did I want to speak English? 
Because I wanted to live and work abroad until the age of 30!!
and I made it!!
Simply I didn’t have the time to study English educational way.
I didn’t have much time because I’m working too.
Then I needed to choose something efficient to study 
to move forward for my life!!
Do you learn Japanese grammar?
Did you learn Japanese grammar but
Do you feel you can’t speak Japanese??
If you would like to become a Japanese speaker as soon as possible,
Grammar learning is NOT a MUST for speaking skills.
Even you can start after gaining basic speaking skills!
Yes! You can!🤗
Do you know why should you stop studying particles?
Did you know that there are more than 40 particles in Japanese in total?
And these particles are very important for speaking.
If you make too many mistakes with particles, it will be difficult to understand what you are saying at all.
Let’s take a look at some of the particles.
は (wa) meaning = is, am, are, about, do, etc
が (ga) meaning = is, am, are, about, do, etc
の (no) meaning = belongs to, of, etc.
を (wo) meaning = a, the, etc
で (de) meaning = by, with, at, in, because of, due to, etc.
に (ni) meaning = to, in, a, the, etc.
だけ (dake) meaning = only 
ながら (nagara) meaning = while, when
も (demo) meaning = also, as well, too
のに (noni) meaning = even, even though
と (to) meaning = and
As you see, Japanese grammar and English grammar are too different and we can’t translate clearly.
As we said before, there’s no point to translate if you want to speak properly.
You may think that your grammar knowledge is not good enough for you to speak correctly today.
The reason, why you can’t speak Japanese properly today, is not your grammar skills.
The reason is you don’t know and remember any proper sentences to talk about yourself.
Studying just the particles will help your ability to read books.
When you read a book, you have time to think.📕
In conversation, there is no time to think.
Only if you remember proper sentences, you can speak perfectly.😃
So, from today, stop studying the particles themselves.❌
It’s a waste of time, and there are many other things you need to do in order to speak Japanese properly!😃
That is to memorize your self-introduction consisting of correct particles and correct sentences.✅
Make no mistake, to speak Japanese fluently,
you need to memorize the correct sentences.✅
This memorization is something that all native-speaking children do, in songs and playing. You might feel too boring? but this is the way to not make mistakes, speak faster and properly.
The first conversation you will have with a Japanese person is to introduce yourself.
You won’t start any conversation without introducing yourself.
Start memorizing your self-introduction today.✅😃
I can promise you, you can speak Japanese in just 2 months properly and cooly.✨
Terumi Kai

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