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🤔Why you should stop translating from English to Japanese in order to speak Japanese?

This blog is sharing my learning method and my experience of learning languages for speaking for the person who wants to speak Japanese as soon as possible,
and you don’t want to wait for 20 years because you are not a kid, or you have the specific purpose to achieve something with Japanese language skills.
Just like me!😉
I was not a collector of the certificate and even not interested in the test at all.
I just wanted to speak English fluently because I wanted to live abroad,🌍
work abroad, meet thousands of people in the world to communicate and get new opportunities in my life outside of Japan.
When I  became the age 28, I decided to focus on only speaking in order to achieve my goals. Simply I just couldn’t wait anymore!! 
I thought I will become a grandmother!! 👵▶️😭
 That’s why if you would like to become a Japanese speaker ASAP!!
My learning method will help you so much and I’m sure 
You will be able to start speaking nicely in just 2 months.
So let’s talk about how to become a Japanese speaker in 2 months! 
Whenever you try to speak,
Do you immediately translate from English or your native language to Japanese in your mind?🤔
Japanese has a very unique and unusual grammar, so your mind may be working on a difficult puzzle. Topic, particles, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns… 
It’s going to one of the most difficult puzzles when you speak Japanese.
For example, if you want to speak Japanese fluently,
it is impossible to do a sentence-by-sentence puzzle each second.
Even if you do Japanese puzzles, you will find many grammatical mistakes.
It’s impossible to speak for an hour or 2 hours to do perfect puzzles with perfect pronunciation and perfect grammar.
If you want to speak Japanese properly, coolly, correctly, and without mistakes,
the first thing you should never do is to translate from English or your native language into Japanese. 
Japanese culture is different, way of speaking is totally different compare to your county. If you just translate your language to Japanese,
you will speak unnatural English Japanese.
A very good example ” No problem ” is a common phrase in English.
But we almost never used it in Japanese.🤔
❌If you continue translating, you will make a lot of mistakes in grammar and particles. You are going to be a very slow speaker.
From today,
✅Let’s quit translating.
✅Let’s start memorizing sentences and correct, natural sentences and learn how to use these sentences!
Memorization is the safest way and fastest way to speak Japanese properly.
Because you memorize the perfect sentences even
Your first priority is to introduce yourself. If you can’t introduce yourself properly, I’m sure you can’t talk about anything properly!
You will be able to smoothly speak correct Japanese sentences in your head that
you memorized perfectly. Let’s say goodbye to old study today!
Terumi Kai

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