You must not escape from the exercises for speaking Japanese!


How many hours do you speak Japanese per day?

So many Japanese learners are focus on the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).
But as you know, JLPT doesn’t check your speaking skills.
So when these learners go to Japan, they can’t communicate with Japanese. Some people can’t make any Japanese friends, finally, they come back to their country.
It happens when people go abroad.
No one can live without any communication.

Try to imagine!

If you become a Japanese speaker, What do you want to do?

You must not escape from the exercises for speaking Japanese.
In the end, your certificate doesn’t mean anything doesn’t have any power if you can’t speak at all.


That’s why we have speaking class everyday in our program!! Let’s speak Japanese everyday!
Next year you will be able to speak Japanese much better than this year!! Step by step.
But you need to start now!
Don’t lose your time!


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